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When a manufactured part is powder coated there may be certain areas of the surface that must be free of coating. For example, threaded areas may not fit properly if they are coated. Bearing surfaces with close tolerance cannot be coated. Some parts may require a bare spot for electrical-grounding contact. It is important to select a mask that is effective, easy to use and reasonable in cost. Masking parts will add additional labor to the coating process. It is important to understand the different types of masks that can be used. Masking can be as simple as placing a plug in a single hole or it may require a specially made mask or fixture. One large hole in a large part will require very little labor while some smaller parts may have numerous spots that need masking and require a lot of labor. Selection of the right masking procedure will affect the cost of the part. The mask must be reasonable in cost and it must do an effective job of keeping the coating off the masked surface.  There are many commercially available masking materials for and powder coated parts. Tapes, plugs, caps and steel fixtures can be used. These cost and benefit issues are considered to determine the best possible way to mask a part:
• the cost per mask
• the number of times it can be reused
• the effectiveness of the mask
• the ease of application and removal
• ability to leave a clean parting line between the mask edge and the coating
• the need to be stripped and the frequency
• the temperature resistance of the mask material
• the ease of removal of adhesive backing.


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Shercon stocks a wide assortment of standard masking products for all your masking needs. We carry everything from masking plugs and caps to modular racks and hooks. And as always, our high temperature products continue the Shercon tradition of quality workmanship, superior materials and creative design. Call us today and let us help you improve your masking efficiency. 

Whether you need a Self-Threading Plug, silicone sheeting, green polyester tape, or an Ultrabake Starter Kit to get your project started, we've got you covered!