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This page will provide you the information the standards, color chats tests and other terms of the powder coating field.

Abrasion test. Taber abrasimeter method ASTM D-4060 and ASTM D-1044  
Abrasion resistance of pipe line coating ASTM G-6  
Rubber Property - Durometer Hardness ASTM D-2240  
Rockwell Hardness of Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials ASTM D-785  
Penetration Resistance of Pipeline Coatings (Blunt Rod) ASTM G-17  


Salt spray test ASTM B-117  
Cathodic disbonding (water) ASTM G-8  
Cathodic disbonding (soil) ASTM G-19  


Breakdown voltage, Dielectric strength ASTM D-149  
D C Resistance, Volume resistivity ASTM D-257  


Deflection temperature under flexural load ASTM D-648  
Tensile strength ASTM D-638  
Tensile properties of thin plastic sheeting ASTM D-882  
Flexural properties of plastics ASTM D-790  
Flexibility cylindrical mendrel bend test ASTM D522 - 93a ISO 1519


Rockwell hardness ASTM D-785  
Durometer hardness ASTM D-2240  
Persoz penduleum hardness   ISO 1552
Buchloz indentation hardness   ISO 2815
Compressive properties of rigid plastics ASTM D-695  
Penetration resistance of pipe line coating ASTM G-17  
Hardness Test ASTM D3363


Impact resistance ASTM G-13  
Impact resistance of pipe line coating ASTM G-14  
Impact resistance (rapid deformation) ASTM D-2794 ISO 62724
Penduleum type hammers impact test ASTM D-256  
Tensile impact energy to break plastics ASTM D-1822  


Evaluation of level of blisters ASTM D-714  
Flame resistance ASTM D-635  
Chemical Resistance Test ASTM D1308  


Melting temperature ASTM D-789
Density and Specific gravity ASTM D-792 ISO 1183
Vicat softening temperature ASTM D-1525
Particule size (Sieve analysis) ASTM D-1921
Water absorption of plastics ASTM D-570
High humidity ASTM D-2247
Immersion in water ASTM D-870
Film thickness ASTM D-1186 ISO 2808
Adhesion test ASTM D-4541
Adhesion test (Cross cut test) ASTM D-3002 (AFNOR NF T 58-112) ISO 2409)
Cross cut tape adhesion test ASTM D-3359 ISO 2409
Apparent shear strength ASTM D-1002
Shear strength of plastics by punch tool ASTM D-732  
Slant shear test ASTM C-882


Accelerated weatherometer ASTM D-2565  
KTA Envirotest ASTM D-2246  
Atmospheric weathering ASTM G-7  
Spectroscopic analysis of coatings ASTM E-932  
Gloss ASTM D-523 ISO 2813
Colour visual   ISO 3668
Colorimetry   ISO 7724